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Wall Art Mural Removable Vinyl Masonic Symbol Wall Sticker Freemasonry Square And Compasses Wall Decals Home Decoration AY802


Products Feature: 1. Our Picture may not reflect true size. It is Digital example for showing purpose. To make the decal fit you space 100% you should measure your space. 2. Our decal are die-cut ´┐Żnot printed , so they do not contain a background, The wall or surface you apply the decal to will be the background 3. We use high quality matte vinyl, non-toxic , environment , not lose quality overtime like printed decals 4. Our decals include a transfer paper ,but not installed already ,you need install it by yourself 5. Decals can be easily removed without damaging walls. But NOT re-usable once applied Products Size : M: 42x49CM L: 57x67CM

What size do you want? : 42x49 cm or 57x67 cm

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