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Cigars: Tasteful longfiller from Mata Fina region in Brazil, a fine Binder from the Northern part of the Island of Java; and a colorful and tasty wrapper from the region Besuki on Java, grown from Sumatran seed. This recipe is probably the closest I can get; to the original cigar, I learned some 20 years ago. I have chosen this recipe and taste because it was my �first love� when it comes to cigars but also in honor of the old cigar makers. Mr. Helmer S�rensen, Mr. Per S�rensen, Mr. Christian Klemmensen and Mr. Elo Andersen to whom I owe the skills and everything I know about the Craft. The Craft I still enjoy and love sharing wherever I can. I have bought a limited amount of Tobacco to begin with; approximately 10,000 cigars. When they are smoked, I will be considering other Tobaccos, another recipe and perhaps another look � depending on the Tobaccos that I have available to me. It will be a small productions company, in order meet the needs of my costumers

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