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DaVinci Letter Password Lock Gift


Product Description: Classical styling; content and renaissance; elegant design; Da Vinci's intellectual style; creative personal gifts; teenagers; adult educational toys; Da Vinci Code is the most interesting gift for friends; Learn and master the lock principle; but when the room escapes props. And you can change your password at any time, store your notes, poems, jewelry, keys or other valuables, ideal for giving someone a special gift, I believe you Friends will like it. Explanation: Product Name: Da Vinci Code Lock Color: bronze material: metal Size: 15x6cm Default password: ILOVEU How to change your password: 1. To unlock your password box, please dial the number to the existing password ILOVEU and remove the key. 2. To change the password, use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen the two screws and remove the cylinder from the cryptex box. 3. Remove the ring sleeves one by one and align the letters you want to set with the slot. 4. Put the set password on it. Package: 1x code lock (without ring) 1x gift box (color random)

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