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Mason symbol cufflinks made from obsidian, FREE SHIPPING, ready for shipping and in the gift box, conspiracy theory


Mason symbol cufflinks made from obsidian, the image was printed from damask, ready for shipping and in the gift box, for conspiracy theory fans. Our handmade cufflinks are great for people who are going to stand out from the crowd. They are not a mass-produced jewelry using machine and from cheap materials like plastic and they are eco-friendly and can be recycled. When craftsman making these cufflinks he puts a piece of his heart, soul and year skills and makes an artwork which has high traditional and cultural value for him and for people who love to underline their individuality and have own signature in style. So, instead of buying cufflinks which were made on machines and don`t have a history, love and care, buy handmade unique cufflinks and create your own high fashion style. These cufflinks are made during long time hand job, as a result the obsidian rock become into nice, modern and unique cufflinks. Printing on the stone carried out from damask, which is laborious and time-consuming process on its own turn. After all of these processes we submit to your judgment these unique cufflinks, convinced that the skills, love and hand warmness which craftsman contributed to make these cufflinks, can`t even compete with the similar cufflinks made on machines, with an indisputable superiority over them.

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